Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the first step in applying for a Firearm Licence?
You need to complete your Profiency Training first. Call EFT ;) A client pays their money upfront for manuals. They take the manuals home and complete the OPEN Book exams in the manuals provided BEFORE you attend class. You have 90 days to complete the course from date of manuals being issued. You will get added to the Whatsapp Training group and all class dates will be posted on the group. Once a date has been posted you confirm on the group if you are attending on that particular day. Basic training is usually a full day 8am- 4.30pm Theory and practical exams are conducted on the same day. Training happens every Wednesday Business units standards are conducted over 2 days
2What are the requirements if I want to work with a firearm?
A person needs to complete: Legal, Basic and Handgun and Business Purposes Handgun Basic Handgun allows you to apply for your SAPS Competency Your Business Purposes Certificate NEEDS to be kept on file by the company.
3What is the procedure once I have completed Proficiency Training?
You will be issued with a proficiency certificate from EFT You will have to fill in a SAPS 517 Application for Competency (Can be found under SAPS documents on the site) 2 x ID Copies 2 x Colour Photos Proof Residence Proof of Employment Copies of the Training Certificates 3 x Witnesses R70 Once competency has been handed in the approx wait 3 - 4 Months Once competency has been approved you can apply for the firearm licence
4What is Dedicated Sports Status and the benefits?
Dedicated Sports Status (DSS) allows one to own more firearms and unlimited amount of ammunition. Meeting the dedicated criteria can be obtained in two ways. One can attend a minimun of 5 Range Sessions which you are required to shoot a min of 50 rounds in your own time and convience. 4 Points are awarded for every range session. 4 points are awarded for each attendance. A minimun of 20 points need to be maintained every year. Or You can be added to the EFT Club Membership Whatsapp group and dates are posted on there. The Club Shoots every 2nd Friday and once a month on a weekend. 5 points are awarded for every attendance.